8th Grade Plays

By: Kourtney and Ariel


The 8th Grade plays were performed magnificently on May 10th at 9:00. Grades 4-7 were invited. There were four plays; The Last Time I Saw Paris, Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!, The Case of the Frustrated Corpse, and A Roman Romance. The Last Time I Saw Paris was about goddesses in a beauty contest competing to know who is the most beautiful. Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! was a fun twist on the original story where the sheep decide the fate of the wolf. The Case of the Frustrated Corpse was a hilarious skit where a dead man got no respect.  A Roman Romance was about a man named Marcus who was trying to win the love of a very independent woman named Pomona. With tons of laughter and cheesy jokes, the 8th graders put on a fantastic show.



Mystery Student – Jason N.  in 3rd grade