Mr. Ochs Memories

By Kyle H.


Our school will say goodbye to Mr. Ochs as he retires at the end of May. As a tribute to Mr. Ochs, we asked some students who had the privilege of having him as their teacher some of their favorite memories:


7th Grade:


Kyle: Our 5th grade trip to the Hutchinson Salt Mines.


Ariel: Mr. Ochs reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to the classroom.


Decker: When Mr. Ochs made nicknames for everyone.


6th Grade:


Harvey: When Mr. Ochs showed him the “whip” on the last day of school.


Rex: Planting the tree that Mr. Ochs plants every school year.


James: When Mr. Ochs brought out the “whip.”


8th Grade:

Adrienne: When he whipped Jeffrey with the “whip.”


Magnus: Doing the leaf project.


Dylan: Playing kickball with Mr. Ochs.




Mr. Ochs will be greatly missed. God’s blessings on his retirement.