8th Grade Wills and Advice

By Samantha and Janie

Our 8th graders are graduating soon, and they aren’t going to leave without their mark. Here are their wills or advice they are giving to other students:

AbbyLane – Have fun in 8th grade, it’s over before you know it

Adrienne – Gives Lily her talkative spirit

Aidan – Gives his artistic ability to Mikey

Brooke – Turn in you papers on time

Caroline – Gives her laughs and fun times to seventh grade

Dylan – Gives his beard to Jakob

Elle – Don’t talk back to the teachers

Jeffrey – Gives his useless trivia to Morgan D

John – Gives his homework to Harvey

Kaitlyn – Gives her strength to Lily

Katy – Gives her soccer skills to Emalie H

Kyle – Gives his humor to Trendan

Mason – Gives his mascot position to Charlie

Magnus – Gives Alex his cringy jokes

Morgan – Don’t procrastinate

Quentin – Gives his terrible grilled cheese stories to Harvey

Rachel – Give her percussion skills to the percussion section

Robyn – Gives her hardships and distress to seventh grade

Sam – Wishes Vanessa a good 7th grade year

Zoie – Gives her cheers of suffering to seventh grade