By: Ariel and Kourtney

This year is the 7th year that the giant replica of the Titanic has appeared outside the fourth grade classroom. Mrs. Thomas has her fourth graders do activities that give a taste of what the Titanic was actually like.  Some of the activities they’ve done are testing the temperature of the water, the third-class dancing, plotting where icebergs would be, and fitting passenger into lifeboats. The  fourth graders’ favorite things that they have done were making the rafts with only debris they could find in the ocean and plotting out the icebergs. Both the fourth graders and Mrs. Thomas love “boarding” the ship and getting their boarding passes. Mrs. Thomas loves the expressions on her students’ faces as they “board,”  and as they do their activities. She got the idea for the project Titanic from the 100th anniversary in a museum at Branson, Missouri. She did it that year to honor the 100th anniversary and has just kept on sailing. Her decorations on the outside of her classroom came from her head. She had four or five parents help her make it. Mrs. Thomas certainly makes fourth grade exciting and adventurous with Titanic.