8th Grade Class Trip

By: Adrienne and Anna


The 8th graders recently went on a class trip to Washington D.C. They arrived on April 9th and left on the 14th. The 8th graders were lucky and got to see the beautiful cherry blossoms. The trees were dressed in a beautiful pink color, and the smell was amazing. They visited the National Air and Space Museum, the National Zoo, the National Archives, the Museum of the Bible, the Holocaust Museum,and the Museum of National American History. They also visited a variety of American monuments and memorials. We asked a few 8th graders what their favorite part of the trip was. Adrienne and Rachel said that they loved the Museum of the Bible. Jeffrey said that his favorite thing was the Batmobile at the National Archives and Dylan said his favorite thing was the Lincoln Memorial. The 8th graders walked the equivalent of two marathons to these destinations. The eighth graders had an amazing time and they made many special memories there.