Middle School Advice

By: Ariel and Kourtney


Dear 5th Graders,

Here are some important tips for surviving middle school and making the teachers love you.

To get on Mrs. Vanwey’s good side – Do NOT compare the Hobbit book with the movie. DO turn your work in on time and in your correct box. Make sure you NEVER forget your name on any paper or assignment!


To make Mr. Kelly love you – Do NOT say jokes at the wrong time. DO follow directions all the time but specifically while you’re doing lab experiments. Heads up, NEVER mess with another man’s drawers(as in lab drawers)!


To make Mr. Wolgast laugh – Do NOT talk when he’s talking or when he gives you an assignment. DO remember your gym uniform. And NEVER bring your backpack to class.


Just a warning,

Love the 7th and 8th grade classes