Plans for Christmas

By Harvey

The Christmas holiday is a time for families to get together, travel, eat, and especially celebrate God’s gift to us, Jesus. What are your plans for Christmas?

Ms. Cory (Guatemalan) – hangs Christmas lights, eats turkey, decorates her Christmas tree, and sings

Mr. Wolgast – Goes to his dad’s house

Adrienne 8th – Stays home and watches Christmas movies with family

Shawn 7th – Going to his grandma’s house

Vacilissa 6th – Follow Santa Tracker and open presents

Arthur 5th – Playing on a computer, hanging out with is family, and finishing his homework

Kellis 4th – Opening presents

Karlie 3rd – Baking cookies

Ava 2nd – Party

May 1st – Disney World

Elliott Kdg – Singing songs