Fun Facts about Teachers

By Ashleigh and Summer

Do you know everything about your teachers? Maybe not. Here are some facts you may not have known.


Mrs. Snow has traveled to more than twelve countries

Mrs. Burger went to college with Matthew West, a Christian singer

Mrs. Dobler played the saxophone from 5th grade to college

Mrs. Reida teamed taught with Mr. Ochs

Mrs. Thomas drove a car at the age of five

Mr. Ochs ate a prepared, seasoned cricket

Mr. Kelly once shaved a sheep

Mrs. Vanwey worked on a float for the Rose Parade

Mr. Wolgast ran two half marathons

Mrs. Amey has eaten a living worm

Mrs. Wallace is half Canadian

Miss. Raylee is related to Abraham Lincoln

Mrs. Waltersheid’s grandma taught her 3rd grade at Holy Cross

Mrs. Franson went on a safari in Africa

Mrs. Boettcher likes to shop until she drops

Mrs. Wilgers flew over an active volcano